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Feeding God's Children | Nursing Home Visit

with Irene Ashcraft, St. Joseph 1725, Melbourne, Ky. and Fraternal Outreach Coordinator Brittany Demendi

Brittany Demendi: What steps did you take to plan this event?
Irene Ashcraft: COF members decided to visit the nursing home as our Feeding God’s Children event. I contacted the Baptist Nursing Home and asked if we could come to the home. The manager gave us permission to visit as a group with the residents.

BD: Can you describe the event?
IA: We visited with residents by socializing and visiting their outdoor flower garden. We helped residents with their arts and crafts. (Photo below.)

BD: How did you make the visit to the nursing home “Something to remember”?
IA: We gave residents FGC T-shirts. They immediately put shirts on. They were very happy to receive these. We also gave out COF pens and other small items to residents. They will always remember this visit from COF members.

BD: What was most enjoyable about the event?
IA: It was most enjoyable to see residents so happy and smiling when we [visited] with them. They really enjoyed having us as a group. The visit was very rewarding for residents and COF members. 

BD: How did you collect the items for the residents of the nursing home?
IA: I called and requested items from [COF's Home Office]. COF was very helpful in making this event a success.

BD: How did you choose this recipient?
IA: We chose the Baptist Nursing Home because we wanted to do something different and special. We have a relative who resides at this home. All the residents were very welcoming to COF members, making it a big success.

1725 Feeding God's Children Event

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